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How to submit an English document to a Chinese court

August 19, 2016
  Do you know the procedure to have your document legalized for a Chinese court? Yesterday we had a client who had to submit an English letter to a Chinese court. Unfortunately, she had no idea what to do about certifying it. We checked the Chinese court, our Chinese translators in china, our Chinese translators in Los Angeles, and nobody seemed to have a clear idea. Some even said we had to get it certified at the state, Washington D.C. and Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C for $1200. Fortunately, I was able to get the following info. 1. You need to get a certified English to Chinese translation notarized. 2. You should get an apostille from the State Registrar's office. 3. You need to get it authenticated at the Chinese Consulate. Everything for less than $300 at https://latranslation.com/languages/chinese

Interpreter and Translator job perspect 2016

August 17, 2016
Professional interpretation is one of the most lucrative, growing and diverse fields in California. As the state’s population becomes increasingly diverse, the demand for professional, certified interpreters in the courts has increased significantly over the past few decades. Currently, full-time Certified Interpreters in the California Courts make about $73,000/year.  In U.S. District Courts, interpreters in California can earn $108,000 – $141,000/year. Freelance interpreters make $250-$450 half day up to 3 hours, depending on languages.    High profile civil cases pay $1,000 a day. In addition, society has  started to recognize the importance of professionalizing interpreters in new areas, beyond the criminal courts, most noticeably in health care. Labor Market Information & Analysis The following is an analysis of the interpreter job market in California, with employment statistics and job prospects for trained interpreters and translators.  In 2010, the Judicial Council of California, which oversees the Court Interpreters Program and the Certification of…

Arabic, Armenian, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish court and medical interpreter trainings

June 25, 2016
- Please explain about the Certificate in Translation and Interpretation program. You can become a court certified interpreter if you pass the written test and the oral test by the Judicial Council of the State of California. You can become a medical certified interpreter if you pass the written and oral tests given by the National Board of Certified Medical Interpreters. LA Translation and Interpretation has provided courses to train the students to pass those tests and become certified interpreters. - How much money do interpreters make? The starting salary of a criminal court interpreter is $67,000, and top 10% make six digit income. Medical interpreters make about $40,000-50,000. - What is the future prospect for the job of interpreters? There is an increasing demand for interpreters and translators in 2016, among other occupations that make up the Top 12 high-wage, in-demand, skilled positions this year. While high-paying jobs that…

Kim Jong Un at the 7th Worker’s Party Congress

May 6, 2016
https://youtu.be/W92RaSbWkoE English subtitles provided by L.A. Translation and Interpretation, Inc.

North Korea Party Congress held after 36 years, likely to argue for the “completion” of nuclear weapons

May 6, 2016
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNNML2FaKMI&feature=youtu.be English subtitle provided by L.A. Translation and Interpretation, Inc.

Korean Town attacks on single women

January 7, 2015
A series of four robberies and assaults that victimized Korean women in Koreatown-area apartment building elevators prompted Los Angeles police Tuesday to ask for help finding the man they believe is behind the attacks. 코리아타운의 아파트에서 한국여성에 대한 네 번의 강도폭행이 연달아 일어남에 따라 화요일 로스앤젤레스 경찰국은 피의자를 찾을 수 있도록 주민의 도움을 요청했다. The incidents occurred between Nov. 9 and Dec. 30 and follow and similar outline: a Hispanic male followed a lone Korean woman into an elevator, assaulted her and robbed her. 강도사건은 11월 9일에서 12월 30일 사이에 일어났으며 히스패닉 남성이 혼자 가는 한국 여성을 엘리베이터로 쫓아가 폭행하고 강도를 범하는 유사한 패턴을 보여준다. The attacks were called “vicious robberies” in a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department that said investigators believe the same person has committed the crimes. At least once attack was caught on video, which police hoped would help detectives find the assailant. 로스앤젤레스 경찰국의 뉴스 릴리즈는…

Carles Puyol Facebook statement translated

January 6, 2015
Translated from Spanish.  Original text taken from:  https://www.facebook.com/puyol5carles. By the statement herein, I want to inform you that I have decided to end my work relationship with F.C. Barcelona. During these three and a half months, I’ve been granted the opportunity to see the other side of the Club. I have learned a lot, and I am very thankful and, now, I will like to experiment other things from a different perspective and from other places. I want to grow personally as well as professionally so that in the future, I might go back to this home and give back everything that you have given me during those unforgettable years. I am still immensely thankful to the employees, the directors, the President, and the Sports Board for trusting and helping me in this transition that has not been easy at all. But most of all to the fans, something that…

Interpreters and translators among most in-demand and high-paying jobs of 2014

February 22, 2014
With a growing Latino and increasingly diversified population in the United States, there is a demand for interpreters and translators in 2014, among other occupations that make up the Top 12 high-wage, in-demand, skilled positions this year. While high-paying jobs that offer financial and career security are enticing, there is another perk that comes along with being an interpreter and a translator -- personal gratification for helping students and families in need of support and clarification. (The Latin Post takes a closer look at this trend further into the story.) CareerBuilder teamed up with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) to identify the occupations that grew by at least seven percent from 2010 to 2013, are projected to grow in 2014, and pay at least $22 per hour. EMSI data is collected from more than 90 federal and state sources, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census Bureau and…

Medical interpreters and Obama Care

October 2, 2013
Medical Interpreters and Obama Care There is no more vivid illustration of the urgent need for certified medical interpreters than the story of Maria Guevara, whose visit to Los Angeles County General hospital for a pregnancy test in 2008 changed her life forever. She was thrilled to learn that she was three months pregnant. When the doctor asked in English whether she wanted to keep the baby she replied without hesitation, ‘Yes.’ The doctor prescribed medication, which Maria took when she got home. She experienced violent pain and bleeding and returned to hospital where the doctor told her she was having a miscarriage. She said afterwards: ‘My baby was dead. The medication the initial doctor prescribed to me was not prenatal care but medication to induce an abortion. Not speaking any English, I was unable to understand his question to me. He did not speak Spanish and no interpreter was provided. Losing…

Medical interpreters on demand

September 28, 2013
Medical interpreters on demand Going to the doctor can be an uncomfortable and intimidating experience. But imagine if you couldn't communicate with your doctor or nurse to describe your symptoms or explain your medical history. As the nation becomes more diverse, demand for trained, skilled interpreters to help doctors and patients communicate — and avoid potentially deadly misunderstandings — is growing. Health care regulations require medical providers who receive federal funding to provide interpreters. There's also growing research on the effects of bad communication on patient safety, said Izabel Arocha, executive director of the International Medical Interpreters Association. "There's just been a huge increase in awareness that has changed these practices," Arocha said. However, there aren't always enough medical interpreters to go around, said Rosemond Owens, health literacy and cultural competency specialist at CentraCare Health System in central Minnesota. CentraCare contracts for interpreters from three organizations including The Bridge−World Language…