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Arabic interpreters

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In the street

Please: min fadlak (m) iki (f)
Thank You: shukran
You are welcome: afwan, ahlan wa sahlan
Excuse me / sorry: assif
Do you speak English?: tatakalam Inglesi?
I don’t understand: anna mush fahim
What is this?: shu hatha?

Introducing yourself

How are you?: kheif halak (m) iki (f)
Very Well: tamam, bikhair
My name is…: ismee
What is your name?: ma ismiki (f)


How much is this?: bikam hatha? What do you want? – (m): Matha tureed?, (f): Matha tureedeen?
What is the discount?: kam il khasem?
I want to buy….: Anna ureed ishtaraiti
It is too expensive: ghalia katheer
It is too cheap: hatha rakhees jedan

Travels & directions

Where is…: wain
the bank: IL masrif
the restaurant: IL mataam
the telephone: IL hatif
the airport: IL matar
the post office: maktab IL bareed
the toilets: IL hamam
the hospital: IL mustashfa
the police station: dar al shurta
traffic police: IL murur
Go…: rouh
to the left: ala al yassar
to the right: ALA al yameen
Go straight on: alatool
The road: al shar’e